18 Ximending Hotels & Hostels You Need To Experience (2020)

Sorting out where to stay in Ximending can be challenging. But with this guide you can find the most amazing Ximending hotels & hostels in a jiffy!

Where to stay in Ximending: Hotels and Hostels

If you’re in a hurry and want to know where to stay in Ximending, here are our favorite hotels.

Via Hotel
Hua Shan Din
Play Design Hotel
Hoyumi Hotel

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In this guide we’ll also explore the must-see accommodations in Ximending’s neighboring districts such as Zhongzheng, Datong and Zhongshan!

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Table of Content

  1. Hotels & Hostels in Ximending
  2. Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Zhongzheng District
  3. Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Datong District
  4. Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Zhongshan District

Hotels & Hostels in Ximending

The Art'otel in Ximending
The Art’otel in Ximending


If you’re looking for one of the best places to stay in Taipei, you should consider the Art’otel.

What immediately struck us were the chic architectural designs.

The rooms are kept in a minimalistic fashion, brightly lit by huge windows and bright white walls that calm your nerves.

If you want to experience Ximending in style, this is the place to be.

Hotel Papa Whale

The façade of Hotel Papa Whale will pique your interest as it has been decorated with the frescos of giant whales (hence the hotel’s name – *wink*).

But more importantly, the Soho-inspired interior will blow you away.

We also really appreciated the wooden theme and contemporary interior of the rooms.

If you are looking for an exquisite place to stay, Hotel Papa Whale is for you!

Via Hotel

This Taipei hotel in Ximending is perfect when you are on a budget.

The interior is contemporary, underpinned by a bright color theme.

If you’re feeling like a having a moment of quiet, make sure to reserve a room with a bathtub.

Our favorite feature: Sealy mattresses.

We can neither confirm nor deny that leaving the bed was always a struggle.

Cho Hotel 3

The Cho Hotel 3 gives you a home away from home.

The unique vibe of the hotel is brought to life by the beautiful interior that is dominated by warm wooden elements.

The furniture throughout the hotel and in the rooms is presented in a sophisticated chic.

What we really liked were the modern bathrooms that feature bathtubs and Japanese toilets.

W11 Inn

The W11 Inn is one of our favorite accommodations and a great choice if you want to explore Ximending.

The inn has been kept in a minimalistic design, bringing about a tranquil modern feel.

Also, you can’t miss the modern bathrooms that feature Japanese toilets.

Make sure to be booked into a room with a terrace so that you can enjoy some lazy hours under the sun!


This is the place to go if you are looking to escape the city’s buzz.

We always joke that the CitizenM is a true landmark of affordable luxury.

We love the contemporary interior, all the way from the lobby to the rooms.

We were also taken by the Vitra furniture throughout the hotel.

The rooms’ functions are controlled by tablet and the lavish beds are to die for!

Riverview Suites

To put it simple, the Riverview Suites are a relaxation heaven.

The pastel shades of the rooms beautifully intertwine with the wooden elements on display.

Among the modern furniture and fittings, the comfortable beds and blackout curtains will have you snoozing in a heartbeat.

Added bonus: the view of Taipei from the 12th floor restaurant during breakfast!


The Amba is our favorite eco-friendly hotel in Ximending.

Upon arrival you can listen to some funky beats in the lounge area or explore the restaurant.

Apart from that, you can enjoy the stylish and digital ready rooms that will definitely have you well rested.

Also, the café is a great spot to take meetings, as high-speed Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

Meander Hostel

The common area of the Meander Hostel is one the biggest in Taipei!

Needless to say, the vibe here is very sociable.

Also, the chic wooden elements throughout the hostel bask you in warmth.

A 24/7 key card gives you access to both your personal locker and dorm room.

But we never spent a lot of time here as we hung out in Ximending or the oversized common area.

Next Hostel

This is one of the best hostels in Taipei.

Apart from its perfect location, the Next Hostel is awesome because of its friendly staff.

The interior is dark-themed with contemporary wood elements.

We loved that we got a lot of privacy in our shared dorm room.

Generally, the hostel is very clean, well equipped and offers complimentary food and drinks.

Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Zhongzheng District

The Finders Hotel in Ximending
The Finders Hotel in Ximending

Finders Hotel

This place is a wanderer’s paradise.

The vibe you get just from stepping into the Finders Hotel is that of untold tales.

We felt that the greenery around draped us in the relaxed atmosphere of an enchanted forest!

Our favorite room type is the “VIP Double” because of the city view and bathtub.

Also, the friendly staff perfectly rounded off our Ximen stay.

Midtown Richardson

In our opinion, the Midtown Richardson is one of the best hotels near Ximending.

The marble and brown theme of the hotel gives it a feel of sophistication – it’s quite spectacular to look at!

Make sure to get a room with windows to enjoy the city view.

And if you like extended baths like us, keep a look out for the rooms with bathtubs.

It’s worth it!

Hua Shan Din

The Hua Shan Din is creatively designed, to say the very least!

The historical building of the hotel was formerly a warehouse of First Bank and its rich history gives the hotel a special kind of vibe.

Bank-specific architectural designs and the playful bank-theme can be found throughout the premises.

And, the contemporary rooms are not only spacious, but cozy too!

109 Hostel

If value for money is something you are looking for, you should consider the 109 Hostel.

It’s located near Ximending, which allows you to experience the hustle and bustle of the area right away.

We valued the ultra-modern bathrooms and squeaky-clean white rooms.

If you like Netflix binging, you’ll also appreciate the really good Wi-Fi connectivity here.

Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Datong District

The Play Design Hotel in Ximending
The Play Design Hotel in Ximending

Play Design Hotel

The Play Design Hotel is part design showroom and part boutique hotel.

That’s why there are only a handful of rooms, because all elements have been carefully crafted by Taiwanese artists.

It’s our favorite hotel in the Datong district and it doesn’t come as a surprise that it has been awarded with the if Design Award for Service Design.  

Tip: If you can’t get a room in the Play Design Hotel consider checking out the Kimpton Da An Hotel – you won’t regret it!

Bee House

When we can’t get a room in the Play Design Hotel, the Bee House is our fallback option in the Datong district.

This chic boutique hotel offers travelers a bee-themed accommodation that gives you a feeling of playfulness and liveliness.

We also loved the fashionable and minimalistic touches throughout.

Don’t miss the cute snack bar and yummy breakfast!

Star Hostel

The Start Hostel is a fantastic space with a Japanese-style common area that encourages relaxation and fun.

Generally, the eco-friendly hostel is visually calming, and the open space design lets in floods of natural light.

The beds are comfortable and also offer a lot of privacy.

Make sure to explore the pop-up shops when you are here!

Hotels & Hostels close to Ximending: Zhongshan District

The Hoyumi Hotel in Ximending
The Hoyumi Hotel in Ximending

Hoyumi Hotel

The symbiosis of colors and wood makes the plush Hoyumi Hotel a real spectacle!

The rooms are also quite a vibe.

They are brightly themed, with countless details that will definitely liven up your mood.

The interior reminded us of the Provence in southeastern France.

And, the outdoor-themed bathrooms will let you reminisce about your last beach holiday.

And there you have it: our tips on where to stay in Ximending!

We hope we were able to help you out.

Now, finalize your Taipei itinerary and look forward to an awesome adventure!

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