Where to stay in Taipei: Neighborhoods, Hotels & Hostels (2020)

In this extensive guide we look at where to stay in Taipei. We explore the most vibrant neighborhoods, best hotels and trendiest hostels. Enjoy!

Skyline of Taipei

If you’re in a hurry and want to know where to stay in Taipei, here are our favorite hotels. 

Where to stay in Taipei

W Taipei
Eslite Hotel
NiHao Café Hotel
Apause Inn
Play Design Hotel

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We’ll not only look at the best hotels, but also explore the must-see attractions of Taipei!

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Where to stay in Taipei

  1. Zhongzheng District
  2. Wanhua District
  3. Xinyi District
  4. Da’an District
  5. Zhongshan District

Zhongzheng District

Best neighborhood for first-time travelers to Taipei

Liberty Square in Taipei

Zhongzheng District is at the heart of of the city and home to Taipei Main Station.

That’s why the district will probably be your starting point when exploring Taipei for the very first time.

Walking here is obligatory, as it will allow you to discover the most popular attractions.

The area hosts many government buildings such as the Baroque-style Presidential Office.

The neighborhood also boasts Taipei Botanical Garden and 2/28 Peace Park.

This gives the area a Zen vibe and visitors can enjoy a welcomed change of pace.

Attractions in Zhongzheng

Presidential Office Building · Liberty Square · Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall · National Theater & Concert Hall · 2/28 Peace Park · Taipei Botanical Garden · Huashan 1914 Creative Park · National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute · National Cultural and Creative Gift Center · Taipei Artist Village · Treasure Hill · Shandao Temple

Eateries in Zhongzheng

Fuhang Soy Milk · Ri Ai Ciao · Auntie Xie’s · Lan Jia · Shirakawago · Fuhang · Tim Ho Wan · Jinfeng Braised Meat Rice · Dongyi Paigu · Xiao Wei Sichuan Restaurant · Heritage Bakery & Cafe · Mayor’s Residence Art Salon · Kafka by the Sea · Jackwell · Lao Pai Gongyuan Hao · Chun Shui Tang · Snow King · Nanjichang Night Market

Bars & Pubs in Zhongzheng

Another Brick · Gongguan Riverside Bars · James Joyce


Apause Inn

The bright-colored theme that graces every room brings about a feeling of purity and comfort.

The accommodation is also perfectly located in the city center.

It’s also worth noting that the staff is extremely friendly and helpful.

Hua Shan Din

The historical building of Hua Shan Din was formerly a warehouse of First Bank.

Bank-specific architectural designs can be found throughout and the playful bank-theme as well.

The contemporary rooms are not only spacious, but also cozy!

Chaiin Hotel

The modern architecture of this hotel blends well with its wooden-theme.

Bright light spills into every room through the over-sized windows.

The fusion of contemporary art and trendy artifacts make a stay at the Chaiin Hotel worthwhile.

Taipei Garden Hotel

If you are in Taipei for business, you should consider this hotel.

The large modern rooms are the perfect retreat after a long day.

You can also recharge at the hotel’s restaurants serving Taiwanese, Japanese and international cuisine.

Hotel Alternative – Uinn Travel Hostel

This traveler-focused hostel might be the best place to stay in Taipei if you’re traveling on a budget.

The hostel also boasts a games room and a terrace to enjoy some lazy evenings.

Wanhua District

Best neighborhood for foodies and history buffs

You can find more detailed and in-depth reviews in our guide on where to stay in Ximending.

Longshan Temple in Taipei

Wanhua District is a historian’s paradise.

It’s Taipei’s oldest neighborhood and steeped in rich history and culture.

The district is dotted with beautifully preserved buildings, some of which even stem from the Qing Dynasty period.

The large number of temples in this area are another attribute to Wanhua District’s prosperous past.

Wait until the sun sets and you’ll be able to get lost in the sprawling night markets filled with a smorgasbord of local street food and positive vibes.

Attractions in Wanhua

Bopiliao Historic Block · Red House Theatre · Tianhou Temple · Qingshan Temple · Longshan Temple · Herb Alley · Ximending

Eateries in Wanhua

Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodles · Lao Shan Dong Homemade Noodles · Modern Toilet Restaurant · Somebody Café · Fong Da Coffee · Eighty-Eightea · Le Promenoir Coffee · Sunmerry · Yong Fu Ice Cream · Huaxi Street Night Market · Guangzhou Street Night Market · Wanhua Night Market

Bars & Pubs in Wanhua

Driftwood · 58 Bar



This may just be the number one Ximending hotel for visitors looking for an Eco-friendly place to stay.

The Amba is also a gallery for contemporary Taiwanese art, which perfectly complement the minimalistic rooms. 


The Art’otel might be the best comfort zone in Ximending as its lofty rooms come in a chic industrial design.

The staff is also extremely friendly.

As we where returning visitors, they even gifted us with a little present upon our arrival!

Tango Inn

The Tango Inn offers a new living concept for visitors looking for a casual and stylish stay.

The hotel’s design concept borrows elements from medieval Gothic monasteries and the rooms are immersed in pure comfort.

Westgate Hotel

The boutique design of the lobby makes visitors feel welcomed right from the outset.

See if you can spot the flying buddhas in the lobby!

The modern rooms and cozy beds definitely allow you to sink in and relax.

Hotel Alternative – Meander Hostel

Situated in the city center of Taipei, the hostel embodies the spirit of adventurousness and open-mindedness.

Travelers will particularly enjoy the clean wooden-themed rooms accentuated with green touches.

Xinyi District

Best neighborhood for shopping, nightlife and the arts & culture

Elephant Mountain in Taipei

Xinyi District hasn’t been around for long.

Developed in the 90s, the district is now considered to be Taipei’s most avantgarde neighborhood.

You’ll find everything your heart desires here.

Shopping opportunities, a vibrant nightlife, and art & culture events as far as the eye can see.

Due to its modern flair, Xinyi District is our preferred place to stay when visiting Taipei.

You might want to consider this neighborhood as well if you’re going to explore different hotels in Taipei.

Attractions in Xinyi

Taipei 101 · Elephant Mountain · Shin Kong Mitsukoshi · Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall · Songshan Cultural and Creative Park · i-Ride Taipei · Jimmy’s Moon Bus

Eateries in Xinyi

Toast Box · Din Tai Fung · Xiang Chu Xiang · He Shun Xiang · Minder Vegetarian · Zhi Xiang · Yue Yue · Hanlin Tea House

Bars & Pubs in Xinyi

Zhang Men · Landmark · FRANK Taipei


W Taipei

The hotel’s beautifully designed architecture offers a breath of fresh air.

The rooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows gift you with astonishing views of Taipei 101, and their color palette invite you into the realms of contemporary art.

Tip: If you can’t get a room in the W Taipei consider checking out Humble House – you won’t regret it!

Grand Hyatt

If you don’t know where to stay in Taipei, you may want to try out the luxury experience that is the Grand Hyatt.

Similar to the W Taipei, the hotel’s rooms also offer stunning views of Taipei 101 in particular, and the city in general.

Eslite Hotel

High-quality understatement is what the Eslite Hotel is going for.

The entire hotel is equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows and accommodates artwork from some of the most renowned Taiwanese artists.

Bonus: L’Occitane toiletries!

Humble House

This hotel is unique thanks to its non-conventional aesthetic taste in which Taiwanese art and culture are perfectly blended together.

The rooms are out of this world and the rooftop pool probably the coolest in Taipei.

The Tango Hotel

You’ll enter the hotel through a lounge that offers a modern and elegant atmosphere.

Each room is tastefully decorated, with the biggest highlight arguably being the spa bathtubs.

The tea set and tea on display is also thoughtfully selected.

Da’an District

Best neighborhood for nature lovers that appreciate a breath of fresh air

Da'an Forest Park in Taipei

Although the term “Da’an” translates to “great peace”, Da’an District is a rather vibrant area.

As a commercial and educational hub, Da’an District is home to up-scale shopping areas, night markets, Taipei’s renowned “lounge bars” and Taipei’s largest park.

The district is also considered to be one of the most sought-after residential neighborhoods in Taipei.

So, if you only have one night in Taipei and are looking for a hands-on living experience, Da’an District may be the perfect choice.

Attractions in Da’an

Da’an Forest Park · Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab · Yongkang Street · Shida Night Market · Tonghua Night Market

Eateries in Da’an

Din Tai Fung · Yongkang Beef Noodles · NOMURA · Vege Creek · Zilin Steamed Dumpling House · Wistaria Tea House · Costumice Café · Ice Monster · Soypresso

Bars & Pubs in Da’an

Indulge Experimental Bistro · Fourplay Cuisine


Hotel Eclat

This is one of the top Taipei hotels.

Hotel Eclat has been designed with a contemporary touch, and the fashionable rooms are stylishly designed.

You’ll also be able to enjoy a Nespresso coffee machine and tunes on the Bang & Olufsen audio system.

Hotel Proverbs

The minimalistic design and personalized look sets this hotel apart.

Every room is unique, with beautifully designed walls and curated furniture.

The rooftop swimming pool offers a great view of Taipei and invites you to kick back and relax.

Swiio Hotel Daan

The geometric design and chalk-white facade give this Taiwan hotel a distinctive appearance.

The white theme can also be found in the rooms, which have been perfected with minimalist touches à la Ikea.

NiHao Café Hotel

If you are still looking for where to stay in Taipei, consider this hotel!

The ultra-modern rooms offer light-colored walls and a host of individual touches.

Don’t miss the awesome coffee and breakfast in the morning!

Hotel Alternative – Star Hostel

The Star Hostel is an awesome place if you like open spaces and minimalistic design concepts.

The beds are comfortable and offer a lot of privacy, while the Japanese-style common area displays the Eco-friendly character of the Star Hostel.

Zhongshan District

Best neighborhood for a more traditional Taiwanese experience

Lin Antai Historic House in Taipei

Zhongshan District was once home to a US military base.

That’s why the area started out as an entertainment area for foreign soldiers dubbed the “The Combat Zone”.

The Combat Zone evolved into Taipei’s tourist center in the 70s and is now considered to be a popular nightlife hotspot for visiting tourists.

The trendy district also has a large pub and bar scene, boasting everything from hipster bars to izakayas (Japanese-style pubs).

The vibe here is chill, making Zhongshan District the perfect hub for Taipei travel enthusiasts.

Attractions in Zhongshan

Dihua Street · Lao Mian Cheng Lantern Shop · Lin Antai Historic House · Taipei Story House · Taiwan Comic Base · Dajia Riverside Park · Xingtian Temple · Bao’an Temple · Taipei Confucius Temple · Ningxia Night Market · Shuangcheng Night Market

Eateries in Zhongshan

Le Palais · RAW · Qing Tian Xia · Addiction Aquatic Development · Fei Quan Wu · #21 Goose & Seafood · Old Sichuan · Lin Dong Fang Beef Noodles · Food Republic · wooo · Salt Peanuts · Blossom Rena Vegan Café · Lugou Café · Lin Illumination Books · Hua Tai Tea Company · Shuanglian Sweet Rice Ball

Bars & Pubs in Zhongshan

Le Zinc · Mud Bar · Crafted · Mikkeller · Pier 5 · Bar Lucciola · Green Door · The Daft House · Crafted Beer & Co.


Homey House

The contemporary furniture and the artwork enhance the bright wooden-theme of Homey House.

Every detail of the warmly lit rooms has been carefully selected and curated, making the hotel feel very homey.

Hôtel Le Hôme

Just as the name suggests, the hardwood/parquet floors make this Taiwan hotel feel like home.

The amber lighting also brings out the rusty feel of the hotel’s rooms, which have a flair of modern chic and are kept in a minimalistic design.

CityInn Hotel Plus

The sculptures and paintings of the hotel wonderfully mirror the contemporary Taiwanese art scene.

Staying at the CityInn Hotel Plus is like sleeping over in a museum of modern art.

Also, everything in the bright rooms is well thought out for you to enjoy.

Play Design Hotel

This accommodation is part design showroom and part boutique hotel.

There are only a handful of rooms.


Because all aspect of the rooms have been carefully crafted and fine-tuned by local Taiwanese artists.

Tip: If you can’t get a room in the Play Design Hotel consider checking out the Kimpton Da An Hotel – you won’t regret it!

Hotel Alternative – Taipei Discover Hostel

The hostel was founded by a group of scuba-diving friends.

That’s also why the hostel is kept in a lighthouse-style.

Taipei Discover Hostel considers itself to by your home-away-from-home, so make sure to stop by!

And there you have it: our tips on where to stay in Taipei.

We hope we were able to help you out.

Now, finalize your Taipei itinerary and look forward to an awesome adventure!

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