Silks Club: One of the best hotels in Kaohsiung (2020)

Kaohsiung is Taiwan’s new tourism mecca. What is noteworthy though is the city’s density of 5 star hotels. All of which pale in comparison to the Silks Club.

Quick Facts   

  • Located in the Qianzhen district of Kaohsiung.
  • Number of floors: 29
  • Number of rooms: 147
  • Facilities: Ukai-Tei restaurant, bars, a lounge, a spa area, an outdoor infinity pool and the associated ALIEN Art Centre.  
  • We like Silks Club because of… 
    • …the art on display.
    • …the Teppanyaki at Ukai-Tei.
    • …the rooms with an unparalleled panorama view of Kaohsiung.

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Table of Contents

  1. Concept
  2. Facilities
  3. Rooms


The Silks Club is less of a hotel and more of a showroom of contemporary art for everything that has to do with the ocean at Kaohsiung’s shores.    

The architecture and the interior are kept in a modern chic and you’re able to enjoy a sheer endless number of portraits and art installations.    

“Embracing the Unknown”, a contemporary portrait that depicts persistence, was definitely our favourite.    

Later we learned that “Embracing the Unknown”, as many more pictures throughout the hotel, was painted by Shao Yung-Tien, the founder of YUI-MOM Group, to which the Silks Club belongs to.    

The art installation that caught our attention was the one in the lobby crafted by world-renowned German art collective “Art + Com”.    

The 4D installation is called “Dancing Particles” and is made up of 168 moving metal spheres that create various shaped and figures. 


The hotel offers the Ukai-Tei restaurant, bars, a lounge, a spa area, an outdoor infinity pool and the associated ALIEN Art Centre.

Below you’ll find the facility features we enjoyed the most.


Ukai-Tei Restaurant

When we visited the Silks Club we had a Teppanyaki lunch at Ukai-Tei.

Ukai-Tei is a Michelin-starred restaurant chain from Japan, and the Silks Club boast the first Ukai-Tei abroad.

The service was out of this world and the food prepared by Chef Chang was something else (*world-class*).

Our favourite Teppanyaki dishes where the wagyu from the Japanese Black and the salt baked abalones.

Dassai Bar

After lunch we hopped over to the Dassai Bar.

At lunchtime the area is reserved for teatime, but in the evening it turns into a temple for all things sake.

Here we had hazelnut Paris-Brest with Valrhona chocolate ice cream, and a strawberry flambé with vanilla ice cream.

But what we really enjoyed where the iced and normal coffee lattes.

As we are coffee lovers, we really appreciated the quality, preparation and presentation of our brews.

In Jade Lounge / Bar

On the 28 floor of the Silks Club you’ll be greeted by an open plan area.

Here you’ll find the In Jade Lounge and the In Jade Bar.

The lounge is where breakfast is served.

And that is breakfast with a view of Kaohsiung harbour!

Now, if that is not something that wakes you up in the morning, nothing does really.

In the evening, the lounge morphs into a bar that serves cosmopolitan cocktails to complement the contemporary art (like a lunar watch!) on display.

Our recommendation: the “Wood” long drink that includes Gin infused with Taiwan Incense Cedar – wow!

Silks Club In Jade Lounge / Bar

ALIEN Art Centre

From the outside the ALIEN Art Centre presents itself in an unpretentious look.

Mainly, this has to do with the fact that the museum of modern art is housed in a former military base.

The ground floor pays homage to that fact, while all other floors are reserved for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

When walking the halls, the benefit of the art centre’s discreet architecture becomes apparent: it allows the contemporary art on display to unfold its memorising characteristics.

Apart from that, the ALIEN Art Centre also hosts the ALIEN Café.

Here we enjoyed some drinks and snacks.

If you are unsure what to choose – opt for the matcha latte.

Thank us later!


We stayed in a Deluxe King room with a panorama view of Kaohsiung.    

What immediately struck us was the spacious layout and creative design concept.    

Silks Club Room

Also, each of the 147 rooms feature their own piece of art, which you can even purchase when asking nicely.    

Other features we loved:

  • Handmade Italian FALOMO mattress.
  • Kuan’s Living bed linen (thread count: 400).
  • Tealeaf pillows for an aromatherapy sleep.
  • Walk-in closet with cosy his/her bathrobes.
  • Damana toiletries – organic, which we really like!
  • Freestanding bathtub from Kohler incl. bespoke bath salt.
  • Bathroom with his/her sinks featuring Grohe and Villeroy & Boch.
  • 55-inch Sony BRAVIA LED smart TV, taking Netflix to a whole other level.
  • Oolong tea from Wang De Chuan – always a delight for our taste buds.

So, what do we really think?

A hotel headed by a founder who is an art connoisseur was defiantly something new to us.    

We thoroughly enjoyed the moments of imagination the art on display at the Silks Club and the ALIEN Art Centre allowed us to indulge in.    

We didn’t only enjoy the subtle luxury of our room, but also all the features it was equipped with.

Also, the Teppanyaki experience at Ukai-Tei and the laissez-faire evening at the In Jade Bar definitely spoiled us.

Lastly, the attention to detail from every staff member was really noteworthy.

Yes, a stay at the Silks Club comes with a notable price tag.

But to say the very least, our Silks Club experience was well worth it.

That’s why we are delighted that we took the detour and explored the unseen!

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